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Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to the Studio

Back to the Studio as the official first days of Fall approach.  I have lists of things I want to try, new materials, new textures, new glazes.  I was awake early this morning and preparing some special orders for firing.  After a brief delay due to some strong storms headed our way, these lovely pieces should be packed and ready for their "forever homes" by late Thursday.

In the meantime, more custom orders have arrived.  Some from my new ETSY shop, some from local customers who are beginning to make their own holiday lists and are checking them twice to make sure they are not naughty, but NICE!

Exciting to have several new BIG DOGS to add to the "exclusive" Big Dog Pots club.  I LOVE it when I am sent a picture of a dog who has received their new bowl.  It almost reminds me of how I felt years ago when I had 7 puppies to find good and loving homes.  Each time one of the new owners sent me a picture of the puppy all settled in, I knew I could take a deep breath because that soul had found its loving home.

Although finding a dog bowl a new home, or a set of pendants, is certainly not on par with the responsibility of finding a new puppy a home, my reaction is very similar.  When I get a picture, I know the piece has arrived safe and sound and that it will be well cared for, and enjoyed!

So, thank you to all my new BIG DOGs out there, and enjoy your new pots.  Long, healthy and happy lives!

Back to the studio for some late night glazing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The New "Big Dogs"

Here they are! Max and Daisy joined the Big Dog family the first week in May. They are litter-mates and are ADORABLE! They came from western Virginia and all of us here at Big Dog Pots are completely in love with these two Schnorkies (Schnauzer/Yorkie mix).

It has been 20 years since we have had a puppy. So even though we are a bit rusty, it is all coming back to us.

These two are keeping us busy and entertained.

We just completed a 1200 mile trip to a family wedding and they came with us and did very well.

We are lucky to have a professional dog trainer close by and will begin our "puppy training" with her later this week. We have never used a professional before, so we are hopeful that these two pups will have an extraordinary beginning.

More on the adventures of Daisy and Max will follow.

For now, I will say that Max appears to be settling in as a perfect Studio Dog. He follows me everywhere and when I am in the studio, he curls up next to me.

It is wonderful to have a new buddy in the studio.