Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to Get MOVING...

Well, I worked out the doubled booking. Let's face it, I need to be at the show I instigated. I am looking forward to being there and sharing my hobby with that part of my "world". I will know most of the people who come by and that will be an interesting experience.

Now, I need to get to it. I have a little under 2 weeks and about half of what I want to take. I have all the darker glazing done, now I need to create items for some of the lighter combinations I have wanted to try. It has been interesting to work with various combinations and layering ideas, and the results have been mixed, but I have discovered some new loves. I have uploaded some of the ones I like, so far.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crash! Slash! Burn! Do it all over again....

WOW, that kiln can get HOT! I went out to check on a run last week and "peeked" under the lid to see how my prized tray was doing. You know, the one I had to redo because the last time I did it, it was next to another piece that exploded, and so my then prized tray also exploded. Well, I was sure this second time would be a total winner.

Well, let me just tell you, that when your kiln manufacturer says "spring loaded" top, they mean it! Yes, I know I broke the cardinal rule of potters, I peeked...sorry to all I am offending by retelling this all already know what happened.

Yes, I peeked. My wrist was burned by the hot air, I LET GO of the lid for a second and CRASH up it went. SLASH went the two top corners of my prized tray. Terrible.

I have now completed prized tray number 3. It has made it through bisque stage and I will glaze it, fire it and WILL NOT peek. I promise. I will post a picture when it is safely DONE.

I was busy today and tried a few new things using braids. I also recreated a few items I have not made in about a year. They are drying and I will be pleased to see how they turn out.

Interestingly, I have noticed that because I had been sick for 4 months and was not able to work in the studio, my "skills" deteriorated. I think I am now back to where I was before I got sick...I think...or just about. But it was interesting that when I stopped for a while I did loose some of the skills and little "tricks" that I had figured out that you think you will always remember, but I just could not recall.

It was kind of like having a long conversation interrupted and forgetting where you were in the discussion. It was interesting, but mostly, I am relieved that I am back to where I was last fall. Now, I am just trying to keep moving forward.