Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Study in Horses...

I learned to ride when I was 6.  I won't tell you how long ago that was, but let's just say that Neil Armstrong hadn't walked on the moon yet!  I loved my time with horses.  My summers were spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia.  As the summers past, and I became a little more accomplished with my riding skills, I started to care for the horses, and barns.  I remember walking out early on summer mornings in thick mist, and wet grass to call in the horses for the day's activities.  I would walk and call, and walk and call, and couldn't see much of anything.  And then, all of a sudden, I could hear them cantering and galloping thru the rich green fields and heading straight for ME!  I would stand still and spread my arms straight out to either the side and when they were a little too close for comfort sometimes, they would see me, and come to a very quick stop.  Snorting, and stomping, and breathing heavy from their morning run.  Then they would fall in line and follow me back to the barns to be groomed, fed and saddled for the day.

Having about 20 horses running full bast toward you in a thick mist, is something not to be forgotten.  I loved those experiences and I have been looking for a way to reconnect to my time with horses.  I did a study in horse heads over the summer, and created this piece trying to capture the essence of movement, particularly in the mane.  I am very pleased with the results, and thrilled with some of my glazing results.

Here are the study photos of a horse I met in western North Carolina a few years ago, and then the raw clay piece and then the final glazed piece.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to the Studio

Back to the Studio as the official first days of Fall approach.  I have lists of things I want to try, new materials, new textures, new glazes.  I was awake early this morning and preparing some special orders for firing.  After a brief delay due to some strong storms headed our way, these lovely pieces should be packed and ready for their "forever homes" by late Thursday.

In the meantime, more custom orders have arrived.  Some from my new ETSY shop, some from local customers who are beginning to make their own holiday lists and are checking them twice to make sure they are not naughty, but NICE!

Exciting to have several new BIG DOGS to add to the "exclusive" Big Dog Pots club.  I LOVE it when I am sent a picture of a dog who has received their new bowl.  It almost reminds me of how I felt years ago when I had 7 puppies to find good and loving homes.  Each time one of the new owners sent me a picture of the puppy all settled in, I knew I could take a deep breath because that soul had found its loving home.

Although finding a dog bowl a new home, or a set of pendants, is certainly not on par with the responsibility of finding a new puppy a home, my reaction is very similar.  When I get a picture, I know the piece has arrived safe and sound and that it will be well cared for, and enjoyed!

So, thank you to all my new BIG DOGs out there, and enjoy your new pots.  Long, healthy and happy lives!

Back to the studio for some late night glazing.