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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Websters defines "provenance" as "the place of origin or earliest known history of something." It is a wonderful concept when applied to all sorts of things, a name, a recipe, a picture, an idea....but for me it seemed to come home in a simple concept of creating a logo for my new Studio. 
New Logo For Big Dog Pots Pottery

I want my logo to elicit an immediate response from people who see it.  I want them to actually feel a warm, happy, relaxed feeling when they look at it.  For me, it made sense to share what makes me feel the same way when I look at it - or in my case - them.  I decided to include Daisy and Max in my logo, and I am just thrilled with the outcome.

It started with a photograph that I took of Max a year or so ago.  We went on a family outing to a local orchard and took the dogs with us. They LOVE being at the orchard. They love the smells, the wide open spaces, visiting with kids who have come there with their families, and of course trying to figure out what we are doing climbing up those trees!

I took this picture of Max.  He was sitting in front of me watching my husband up in a tree, handing apples down to the kids.  I absolutely LOVE this picture.  Even though it is a picture of his back, you can just SEE him smiling!  He was SO happy and excited, and even from behind you can tell.  
Max at the Orchard

When I printed this out later and looked at it, it made me realize that Max's "expression" was universal to dogs everywhere.  It is an expression of love, an expression of anticipation, an expression of joyful waiting. All of these things I attribute not only to Max, but to the many wonderful animals who have shared their lives with me.  I guess, if I had to describe it in a few words, it would be "quintessential unconditional love and joy."

Daisy and Max
I thought what better than to share that "feeling" with everyone who comes into contact with Big Dog Pots Pottery Studio.  And so, in addition to our Max, I have also included Daisy as a part of our logo.  We added a little heart to her hindquarter because after she had her open heart surgery and her port was healing, the hair in that spot grew back in brown.  We look at that spot as her "badge of courage" and wanted to show it in our logo.  These two souls have brought tremendous joy into our lives, and we are thrilled to share their joyful antics with everyone who visits Big Dog Pots.